What is osteopathy hurt ?

What is osteopathy hurt ?

Generally: No. However, your osteopath must understand the origin of the pain before beginning the treatment. As your osteopath will locate the origin of the problem, through some movements and palpation, the testing can revive the pain.

Some techniques (such as trigger points or visceral palpation) can be painful. Often, the patient will perceive this pain as an uncomfortable feeling but it feels good as well. The discomfort felt will fade at the end of the technique.

It also depends on your personal resistance to the pain. This resistance varies according to our physical, psychological and emotional state.

For osteopathic techniques to be as painless as possible, the patient must feel safe and relaxed. So do not hesitate to say “ouch”! This will allow your osteopath to adapt its treatment approach according to what you can bear.

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